Why Christmas is the celebration that is so dear to my heart

This December month comes with so many traditions and even more celebrations.

Of those many the celebration of Christmas is the dearest to my heart. It is a time of year that has shown me some of the most magical and love filled memories.

Over the years I have witnessed the kindness of strangers, watched co-workers gather together and unite in the name of making hand made blankets to be given as gifts for every patient waking up in the hospital on Christmas morning, and even once when I first was living alone at 17 had a friend break into my apartment and decorate a tree and presents to surprise me! I have gone and sung the Christmas hymns in the church pageant and enjoyed midnight snow covered Christmas lit walks down a small town main street both with friends and solo.I think that might be my longest standing and most treasured of Christmas memories at least in my adult life.

As a child I really enjoyed the day with my family. All 10 of my brothers and sisters running wild with excitement to see what mom and dad had piled under the tree when we were sleeping the night before.

I knew I was nearing adulthood when I got to stay up late on Christmas eve and help to wrap the piles of toys and books. I would watch Christmas movies and laugh with my mom .

I was excited to see the little ones wake up and dance to the tree with anticipation.

It all seems like so long ago and even now the celebration of Christmas is more about celebrating the memories and when they were as magical as I remember I can't blame myself for wanting to wrap up the house, and decorate with all the lights and tree and trim..This year though the memories within are the decorations of my heart!!

The nostalgia and the warmth of times and kindnesses and beautiful heart felt laughter is the echo that writes the soundtrack for this season once again and oh how beautiful is that magnificent sound!

This year I am looking forward to creating new memories to cherish and new traditions to pass on. I feel as though for me Christmas itself never came to an end last year , rather its just continued forward and through the sunshine and life changes of the summer it has been the most wonderful of all my Christmases yet.

This year gave me a new love, passion for blogging , a brand career , wonderful friends from

my previous work family and a whole new understanding of myself.

If that's not Christmas then I don't know what is. This year I am getting back to focusing on all there is to celebrate. I feel in my heart that is really what this season is all about. I hope that for you it becomes more than just a season but that you too might experience Christmas all year long too!

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