Updated: Jan 28, 2020

I just woke up from a dream that felt so real..

I was at a factory and in that factory they manufactured time ..I could view the process from the other side of a large glass wall with a viewing screen.I could not go to the line and touch time as it was being made, nor could I stop the production of time. There were two lines for  people.

The first line for people who thought they had too much time.These people were in a hurry to return time.They were anxious and quick with their words and motion. They were all so hurried I could not tell where the line begun or where it ended.

The second line was for people who feared they were running out of time.The energy in the first line was lackadaisical and sort of lost..The energy of the second line felt desperate ..People were pushing and shoving for who would go next..

It was the oddest thing because as I was observing this craziness I realized I was in neither line..but needed to choose..I walked outside and looked up at the sun was so bright it nearly blinded me as I looked away.

I would neither waste time standing in line looking for more time, nor would I stand in line waiting around to give back the time I had..I looked up at the sun and hopped in my car and went on..I knew I had places to be, people to see, and things to do..I was off to invest my time ..and just like that I woke up with a start..

The sound of my opportunity clock (alarm was calling me) I am up to answer the call .. Are you with me?? By the way this is not a story, its the dream I just woke up from..

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