The Struggle....Worth it or not ...This is the question..

So a few months ago I put life on pause. I stepped away from something I had been very good at to do something I had no clue about.I was working a stable job as a Nurses Assistant in a volatile environment. I was making a steady paycheck with plenty of opportunity for overtime. I however felt stuck and frustrated by fluctuating management and poor staffing ratios and a variety of other concerns.

After thirteen years I would call it quits and go become a licensed life insurance agent Sounds like an easy transition right? Not so much and certainly not without my support system. I had a cut and dry plan but as with the best laid plans things certainly did not evolve so easily. I went from being independent and able to put gas in the car and food in the fridge to having to ask for those things. It was a blow to my pride at first but since I recognize how blessed I truly am to have people in my life who show up and champion the hell out of my successes as well as my failures.

I know I am beyond fortunate to have had someone to ask and who was more than willing. I am eternally grateful for the kindness, support, and tough love that helped me to persist even though I was in a constant struggle to succeed. I often wonder where I would be without those angels ? The voices that spoke up and told me to go harder and the hands that held me when I cried .They are each a source of strength that I can not appreciate enough.

However I wonder is it worth it to have put myself through such a transition ? What will be the long term affects of these choices I am making and how are they affecting the people who love and support me through all of these challenges. Will they persist in loving me even after I succeed? Am I being selfish or is it okay to continue receiving their support?

I want to encourage others to seek a path which is most fulfilling for them as I am for myself. It is not easy and it has been exhausting. I know it has also been exhilarating and even rejuvenating. My current struggle has inspired me and I am chasing a dream and a goal I gave myself.

It is a whole different ball game than the one in which I was pursuing the goals that others told me I was capable of. There is a freedom in that and I suppose this is my answer. I choose to pause the worry, climb the mountain , and embrace all that comes my way.

1)I count my blessings and receive them with grace.

2)I love and appreciate the journey no matter the challenge.

3)I celebrate both my success and my failure.

4)I am brave and bold enough to make the necessary changes in order to have true freedom in all that I do.

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