Taylor You Are A Beautiful Soul!!!

This piece is hers. Written and shared by -Taylor Jordan Smith
This is Taylor Jordan Smith.

My friends....do not be afraid to share your story. Do not be afraid of what they will say. This is not about a pity party, it's about awareness. I promise you someone, somewhere feels the same way as you do.

I will tell you how I feel with depression, anxiety and my insecurities.

Some days I feel like I will never be good enough, pretty enough, strong enough

Some days I want a deep connection with someone

Some days I don't trust anyone

Some days I struggle to socialize due to fear of rejection

Some days I feel like I will never belong anywhere

Some days I feel like no one wants me around

Some days I feel on top of the world

Some days I put on a fake smile

Some days I want to turn everything off and isolate myself

Some days I just want to be around my friends and family

Some days I just want people to understand me

Some days I think...what is the point?

Some days I know I have a greater purpose and calling

Some days I just want to give up on everything

Some days I know I am worthy of happiness

Some days I know that there are people who feel the same way as I do

Some days I know I am not alone

Some days I know I can help someone, somewhere by telling my story....❤❤🌹🌹 Everyone has thoughts like these at some point or another. What matters is we rise above the negativity and replace it with positivity. What matters is we stick together.

Your mind is your strongest weapon. You can either be your own worst enemy or your biggest fan. You choose... #somedays







#youareenough Written and used with permission by Taylor Jordan Smith

Taylor is not somebody I have actually ever met, but we are face-book friends and when she shared her words today I was moved , I was inspired! I usually am when ever she shares something. Her posts are usually about her fitness journey or her family. Today her words needed to be heard again . I honor you Taylor and thank you for your candid , beautiful truth. Please know we see you and we honor your beautiful Soul. -Joanie

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