Signs ...and a Sunday walk

Dear Friends ,

I hope you all are staying healthy ,safe and warm. I know right now is a time that is rather isolating between quarantine and social distancing in an effort to prevent the spread of the covid-19 virus.

I myself have been feeling the isolation and decided that it was time to venture out and explore my new neighborhood as well as to embrace the new normal. It was a beautiful Sunday morning. The sunshine was so warm and inviting. The streets were completely barren. In total I walked 3 miles and as I began to take in the sights I started to see signs. They were subtle yet beautiful. I began to see that even from the sanctuary of homes there was a continuous message that randomly .

In spite of isolation I noticed voices in the form of signs that warmed my heart and illuminated my lonely pilgrimage. The fact is we are social creatures and it would seem at least the people in my neighborhood had strength in their silent voices..The messages offered up unity and support . The simple messages continued to warm my soul.

"We will get through this together"!! This sign was hard to miss with it's neon green poster board screaming brightly. A reminder that even at a distance that unity and togetherness comes from the reality that we all are in this together. If we act accordingly we have the potential to drastically alter this world as well as our present reality. I know that for me this has been connecting with my friends and loved ones via virtual media like zoom and Facebook messenger. It has also been daily phone calls through the agency to encourage community within our individual teams as well as with other agency's within our organization. I think of video messages with my brother and Beaux. We were up late watching cartoons and listening to songs while being separated by distance. My brother in NY and Beaux in AZ and of course myself in Kentucky. The idea that we can be together in spite of the significant distance has me wondering who else I can be connecting with even just here? Live face-book feeds seem to be another way that I see people connecting with one another. Musicians are performing live and streaming their beautiful talents still..

"Thank you Healthcare HEROES"

The significance of this sign resonates with me because some of those same Healthcare Heroes are my friends and peers and former colleagues. They are more than that though, they are and always will be family. The power of gratitude alone is immense. It's not just now but always that we should be thanking our Healthcare Professionals. To them and their families Thank you for the sacrifices you are continuing to make!

For everyone from the kitchen to the environmental dept and our CNA/PCAs and our Nurses and or Respiratory teams and our Doctors Thank you . I have continued to connect with so many of you and I can not but help to love you all even more. Not only is it a constant world of chaos on the typical day it is a thankless job. We know it is one that we do not for the accolades but because this who we are!!I see so many of you coming together and working to support one another. I live in prayer for each of you and am proud of you all!


This random bit of graffiti was the next sign that jumped out along my Sunday stroll. I am not sure if it was painted with intention or if it was an illegal tag. I will be honest though ..I am not mad at and I would guess from the age of it that whoever owns the property wasn't either. This simple reminder is necessary. We need to be willing to help others. The simple reminder resonates with me as I think about the kindness I've experienced through others along the way.Even more was this reminder to continue to pay it forward.. The simple words are something we all can do in some way. Whether it is a kind word , a text, leaving groceries on your elderly neighbors door step , sharing that singers live stream to get their message out , saying thank you to the sales associate in the supermarket , taking care of yourself so you can be there to take care of the ones you love the most.

In short follow the signs, Stay safe and be kind ...We will get through this together! I continue to use my voice to elevate yours. Let me know that you are here and tell me what you are wanting to talk about. Let us stay connected !!

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