Reality as we know it...Our new normal or an entire adjustment altogether?

Hello my dear friends. It is my hope that as you are reading this that you and yours are well and happy .. I think of how time is changing so quickly! During this time of quarantine and the division of essential and non-essential employment , social distancing so much of our day to day has changed.

For me my day has gone from being in the office and out the field to my choosing to work remotely. As a life insurance agent I am still considered essential and if a client selects the option of a face to face appointment I am required to see them. However for the most part I have been fortunate to see my clients virtually. All of a sudden it is like 2003 all over again, except instead of threads of conversation in a chat room I am seeing people in the format of a video call. It is exciting to be utilizing this technology and to be working in the comfort of my small studio apartment. I rarely go out side. Although if I did I don't exactly know where I would go.

I have really worked hard to create and keep a structured schedule .I am using the heck out of my google assistant as it has the speak to schedule function. Also it is fun to repeat myself as Google seems to think I am speaking in a foreign language.

I am making lists and keeping notebooks for each specific task. I find loose post -its and papers contribute to chaos and disorder further derailing my ability to focus and contributing to my nature as a procrastinator. A habit I have spent tirelessly working to overcome. I want results and through action I must seek results. I learned earlier this year about prioritizing via goal oriented lists. Write the desired out come as an intention. Record the necessary steps or processes to achieve desired out come. I find my this process has actually helped me to improve on my desired objectives.

I find myself frustrated at times. I am awake when I should be asleep and wanting to sleep when I am supposed to be working. I have discovered e-books and free coaching workshops and personal development programs as well as agency workshops help to strengthen my focus. It seems that if my mind is properly stimulated I am able to concentrate and my personal productivity increases. This makes sense to me ,because I am overwhelmed with concern for or new normal.

I know that keeping active and focused is probably the only way I will overcome my concerns and my fears. The fact is it is truly impossible not to be concerned . I find myself often thinking of the years I spent working in healthcare and the family and friends that I have become part of as a result of my years of practice. I find myself checking in with them via text message and at odd hours via phone . I think while I am aware of the tasks they face currently and the already constant strain of under staffing and long hours away from their families that the pressure they must be under is palpable. In some cases the text messages turn into long conversations and in others they take of warnings to avoid people and simply pray.

On the other hand are my friends with massive amounts of time to ponder conspiracy theories. I have read several forums and seen a multitude of comments on social ", and rhetoric like when we get through this. I myself constantly speak of being hopeful. As i pause to consider normal I think about my life and relationships and I realize I was already in pursuit of a new normal. Between career changes and ending relationships and the pursuit of new ones , address changes and the moments spent seeking out time reconnecting with former friends over the last several months none of this is really new for me and while I am limited in how I pursue the external changes in life I am definitely focusing on the room I have for growth internally.

If ever there was a time to get clarity and focus on internal growth it is now. I am alone physically almost 24-7. I am virtually connected via phone, video and almost 18 hours every day . Why now? The fact this is really the opportunity to re-focus on my commitment to personal development, to expanding myself as an individual so as time evolves and we continue to face our newest normal I can rise up and contribute to creating a better world. I think first that starts with myself and comes with doing the real work.

1) Maintaining a focused mindset

2) Creating and keeping a balanced daily routine.. Updating and changing the calendar ..Persisting with a goal until it is complete

3) Maintaining accountability for every step taken towards personal growth.. I do this by using I statements and by sharing progress during daily check-out calls with management and by keeping a journal of my daily results.Asking peers for assistance when projects begin to feel overwhelming also has helped with accountability.

4) Being open and available but maintaining appropriate boundaries I need to remember my colleagues are working remotely as well. It is very easy to turn a text conversation into a distraction. My current resolution is to write out all question s and concerns and forward them in an email to my manager or ask them only if they need to answered immediately.

5)Focusing on a few irons in the fire v.s not focusing on any...oh so so many Squirrels!!

Filling up time to busy is the same as doing nothing. Getting involved in specific projects, courses ,groups must have a clearly perceived goal. Maintaining a short list on the daily ensures time is better invested and usually yields a specific result.

I Think of the quote that comes from esteemed speaker, and motivational coach Zig Ziglar and his thoughts on time.
"Time can be an ally or an enemy, It depends entirely upon you
Your goals,Your focus, your action and your determination to use every available moment" -Zig Ziglar

I think of this often through the day and I hope you will also consider the same. In the face of our unknown and new normal let us invest our time and our minds so that as the world changes we too will change for the better.. Mostly so that we can build a stronger foundation for the future as well as for our today!! I invite you to leave your tips, tricks, daily coping techniques in the comments. Lets come together through the distance and connect.

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