Out with the old, in with the new

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Fast forward from the beginning until February 2019-

I was on the verge of all things shifting .Transition phase was in full effect. I had started the new job at the bigger hospital. I had completed the first semester of community college courses. I had decided I would move from small town Lagrange , Ky to the heart of Louisville. I had also realized yet another unsuccessful attempt at a relationship. That hurts still. He was and is someone who was both mentor and a great friend . The timing and distance turned friendship into anger and frustration. It was too good to be true. (If you are reading this Eli I will always appreciate all that we shared).

Moving forward I knew I had many things shifting around me and pushing me in a direction I had yet to explore. My goal was stability but then I realized that was somehow shortchanging myself. I required and desired more for myself than I was willing to ask for. I felt as though I needed a push into the next phase of my life.

This is that be careful what you ask of the universe. You will receive exactly that. I would not fully explore or change much just yet. I was scared. I have a simple life. I work , accumulate bills I can not afford to pay, struggle to make it through the semester and make it! I take to the new job like a duck to water. I meet new people and see some cool stuff. Do I really need more??

It all feels comfortably uncomfortable. You know , like the suit you wear to a funeral or that uncomfortably brightly colored brides maids dress. It makes the bride happy so why resist?

For awhile I did the things I was supposed to do.

Same routine for a solid month.

It was monotonous and it felt like penance.

I needed to make the changes .

I just didn't know where to start.

Stay with me , I will get to all that in just a bit.. Let's return after this regularly scheduled coffee break.


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