Naked Saturdays....

This is not your ordinary self care- feel good- look good piece. In fact this particular post might explain the sum total of who I am at the end of a long week, month , and yes what seems to be an even longer year. This is both an invititation as well as an explanation of a go to ritual.

Some times the unwind is even more important than the re-wind. After a week of double shifting,and multi-tasking and manifesting my butt off I am feeling the impact of over-stimulation, over-exertion. I am grateful for the fact that it is Saturday. It is definitely time to put it on all on pause.

AKA (Naked Saturday)

What exactly is a naked Saturday? Well yes some near nudity is included but its more of a life style practice I have begun to implement when my inner empath is in need of a break. It's about stripping off the layers of life and just taking a breath. Silencing the noise and my own inner chaos allows me to separate myself from anxiety and insecurity.

This soul detox includes No makeup, no jewerly, no bra, no corporate tea, no soap operatic drama from social media ,no television, no shade from the family tree. I unplug from everything and everyone for a few hours. The idea of this nudity in the form of seclusion is to open myself to my own original thoughts and to reboot myself.

I take the time to do a fcocused meditation, light candles , listen to positive music and yes I am

guilty of seeking refuge of my over sized soft fleece blanket. I encompass myself in a naked space of complete openness. I embrace myself and begin to allow myself to shift through the layers of noise and chaos brought on by the inertia of life.This is a moment I usually mark by journaling. Yes the catharthis of writing is also part of my Naked Saturday tradition.

This leads to allowing myself to be completely vulnerable. I face the truths of my humanity and I own my flaws. I expose my insecurities and I examine my decisions. Some times naked Saturdays can be intense. For me it is all a part of my process. It is not all emo soaked soul searching.

I do indulge in a few simple things like a good cup of steaming hot coffee, or some bacon and toast. A hot shower and a clay mask facial. The self care component is just as important as the nakedness. Getting lost in a good book or a netflix series, sometimes even the nuanced cartoons from days gone by. All of these lend themselves to the possibility of unwinding.

Every day I get up and I put on my armor. Just like you I face the unknowns and fears of pandemics, politics, the tight rope /balancing act of keeping it all together.I do wonder what will become of our world . Even more I wonder what will become of humanity overall.

My Naked Saturday is an invititation to you to give your self permission to take a break. I am inviting you to join me in this practice. Let's connect on Saturday December 5th. Please accept my invitation to join me virtually via zoom .

We can hang out and connect. Lets get Naked together . Dress to be comfortable and bring yourself just as you are. Simply follow the link below on December 5,2020. We will hang out and get to know each other. The format will be bedhead casual !!

Joanie Lacey is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Joanie Lacey's Zoom Meeting

Time: Dec 5, 2020 09:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 231 829 0724

Passcode: NakedSat5

See you all next Saturday!!!

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