My Year of Yes...

In 2020 I am throwing myself 100% into the personal development journey. I want a broader world perspective. I want a to become the best version of myself in all of the aspects of my life.

I think the biggest thing I can do to embrace personal growth is to open my mind and to say yes. I am investing in myself because I know I am a world of untapped potential.

It is so easy to stay inside the belief that I am amazing as I am . I am pretty amazing but I know there is just so much more within me. More leadership, more charity, more ability.

In the fore front of my year of yes I am looking to develop better time management. I want to utilize my time by showing up 5 to 10 minutes early.

I struggle to be on time and for me it has had a negative impact on my life. Being late has cost me jobs ,and friendships and it has really altered my ability to be the kind of person I know I can be .

I want to shift my focus and energy towards the creation of relationship and business with timeliness. Being on time shows respect for those that value mine.I have begun wearing a watch and keeping alarms 25 minutes before I need to leave for any meeting..I keep a planner for writing down the events that get scheduled on the fly.

I am also focusing on my physical transformation. More specifically I want to build muscle tone and loose 15 pounds.I want to continue to have the energy to say yes and be yes .

I also know that I want to go into the next years of my life in great physical health. What you do in your thirties is significantly more severe.

I am fortunate that I am healthy and know that I am responsible for the maintenance of my body.I have joined a gym and am working with a trainer to create the right combination of workouts and routines to get the ball rolling.I am actively following through with the pursuit of this goal by keeping active and following a new routine. I am even excited to say that my co-worker and friend Joy has joined the gym to and we are motivating each other by working out together.

These are just a few ways I am saying yes to a better year of me. I have set specific goals and I have given myself a year to completely immerse myself in these goals.

I am working on a way to accurately track my success and pursuit of this journey and I look forward to sharing it with you. Say yes to you and let is have the most progressive and innovative year yet! Yes to growth and Yes to expansion and Yes to being our best selves yet!!

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