Just as summer turned into fall, fall turned into winter..and so began the next chapter...

Hello friends, Readers Family and all of my dear loved ones!

It has been sometime since my last post. I must say that first I miss you all , and I have definitely missed writing. Life has been a whirlwind of exciting challenges and some pretty profound lessons have been learned a long the way.

I have enjoyed the opportunity to interview and write about a few amazing humans and I hope to do more pieces like that soon. I have so many beautiful photos to share with you too!

The truth is I put writing the display of my life on hold so that I could fully immerse myself in those moments. I am so grateful for the overall out come.I have a stronger appreciation for those that I love and for myself as well. I learned to quietly listen for the universe to guide me through the steps I have been taking towards my latest adventures. I am now a licensed Life Insurance agent , union member, and employee at American Income Life. The company is made up of the act sort of people I envision to be among the kind of protagonists I envision myself to be writing about. Even more they are exactly the kind of people I am grateful to learn the ropes of the trade from. I am by no means a superstar yet! However I am learning to play to my strengths and trust that its okay to mess up. That I am surrounded by people who want me to succeed. That my friends is a beautiful thing to experience!

So the transition has finally taken place and now I am studying a sales pitch, learning how to discern between who is insurable and who is not .I am still training because my anxiety has prohibited me from presenting my pitch perfectly. I am getting better every day but I have definitely had moments where the words blank from my brain and I feel frozen. I am pushing through that and learning to keep the conversation flowing regardless.

The time a way from you all has been well spent , I know I am still in the throws of transformation and and well on my way to becoming my most unapologetic and authentic version of myself. I hope that I as continue to share you , that you too will feel inspired and develop the desire to seek out your path in life , to find that for yourself and if you already have I want to witness you owning it!


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