Just a little note of thought and encouragement...

Dear loves of mine,

As life continues to be a world of unknown and known chaos I hope and pray that you are staying well. I encourage you to continue to create, think, and maintain your diligent motivation.

I know ! I understand that staying motivated and maintaining focus may be an incredible struggle in general.

Now is the moment to grasp that bit of creative flair, or that intention of productivity and add fuel to the internal fire. I feel this is as important as life itself as it is life. With rules and regulations and fears and the ever evolving climate of uncertainty we need to continue to live out loud. I am encouraging you to maintain your freedom of self expression and to push through the static and thrive.

Act with kindness and love towards yourselves and the people around you. If you write put pen to page. If you sing Sing louder! If you draw or take beautiful photographs do that! I fear the world will loose more and more of what makes it unique if we do not do these things.

Be the light in the dark! Be the Shine in the gray skies ! Be the spark that sets the world on fire!

This is so imperative in a time when we are essentially being pushed into the shadows of a society we once knew! -All my Love, Joanie

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