January Goals and Intentions ...

Happy New Year!! How many of you yelled it out and then created the resolution that you called out ,or set the intention for a new and improved you? It was all a blur of celebrations and declarative statements. At the the time they sounded amazing and felt so very inspired. Then the clock struck midnight, the ball dropped and the champagne toasts were made..The lights came on and the romance and pageantry of it all began to fade..

Six days into the year 2020 and the haze is wearing off. The new diet tastes bad, the plans for success and stardom are now becoming reasons to continue last years celebrations of procrastination,,,

Or maybe you are crushing it on the first week, Maybe you are just continuing on your universal trajectory and you are aligned with your life purpose?Your vision was clear and you were ready..Or maybe you are working really hard to get clear..Perhaps you have made the lists,joined the gym or even hired the coach. Joined a group or started one even?

Now begins the work. Creating a routine, establishing the routine and committing to yourself that the ting you are doing is necessary, Or that you are worthy of the thing..I am told it takes a solid 30 days to create a habit and sometimes it is even longer to break one.

The magic has worn off and the lights are on and it is time to call out the goals, intentions .It is time for me to make myself accountable for my resolutions I made as the year 2019 came to a close. I encourage you to do the same thing, Calling out these things to yourself ,the room, the universe is the start of our next blank pages.For me creating the list I have learned creates clarity.Clarity writes the blueprint for which to follow as you plot your course and begin to make progress in all of the things.

It is setting an example of helping and by choosing to verbalize positive and uplifting ideas verses negative or derogatory thoughts. It is to set intentions daily and to openly share them out loud. It is to pursue further personal growth and development . It is to simply begin.Create the habit, focus on the routine and do the work!!

Hire that coach, follow up with an accountability buddy and get creative. If you are like me you are tired and ready to rest, but don't allow your self to quit. I look forward to sharing 2020 with you and to sharing all of our growth and progress together. LET US BEGIN!!

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