Holiday Reality Check ...

In the hustle and bustle of this season of merriment and joy it is so easy to get caught up in playing a part of over exaggeration and indulgence. What does this mean? and is it necessarily a negative thing?

Does just giving a blanket of seasons greetings prohibit us from connecting on a deeper and more meaningful level? Is planning and placing of the perfect holiday table setting or tree trimming more a source of stress v.s a source of joy?

Does the forced holiday gathering of awkward and dysfunctional relationships gathered under one roof really equate to a truly Merry Christmas? The pretense of joy and happiness can not be great to say the least.

Now I am not poo-pooing on the lights or festivities. I am not a scrooge but I am simply saying that it is possible to be missing the actuality of this holiday because we are stuck in the surface of keeping up appearances.

I noticed a statistic that has become of popular debate..How many people are actually happy at or during Christmas ? Like legitimately in the spirit of the season? Also why is it only seasonal? I know for me the joy of Christmas is something I am attempting to infuse further into my daily routine and take with me in to 2020.

This year I did do Christmas differently. I did not put up a tree or lights or buy even one single gift. I did spend time with people I love. I did listen to and feel the songs of Christmas. I did laugh with the joy of a child as I spent time gathered with people. I did give my time to the service of others. In lieu of the commercialism or going through the motions of the season I lived it.

I am grateful to have taken the time , even more I am overwhelmed with the knowledge of how loved I am and that I have such beautiful hearts surrounding me. I celebrate today that same warmth and cheer. I feel that for all that I did not do in the way of tradition I have made changes that will overall contribute to the quality of Christmas days to come in the future.

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