Gleaning the gifts...

Week of Gratitude day #2

It’s easy to feel gratitude when everything is going our way.

But, what about those times when challenges seem to be around every corner?

Your loved one received a grim diagnosis.

You lost your job.

He left.

The kids just tracked mud on your newly cleaned floors.

An unexpected tax bill arrives.

You gained 10 more pounds.

These are the everyday challenges of life, but how we look at them can weaken or empower us.

In today’s challenge, I’m going to share a practice I use when facing the challenges of life.

Going through these things is never easy and staying in those feelings breeds the opposite of gratitude. So as I went through these moments in my own life I began to focus on the gifts. In looking for the blessings in the challenge we can always find some thing beautiful and positive. I list the positives ..I can count my blessings v.s. dwelling on the negative. Stepping into the positive v.s the negative helps me to allow my creativity to flow. I accomplish things that I might otherwise not .

In gleaning my gifts I am able to

I am practicing tenacity and strength.

This is helping me get clear on what I want.

In my lack of money I have found currency of a higher value.

I receive the lessons through my struggle and I celebrate those who continue to show up for me regardless of what I have.

I am open to receive and appreciate the investments other people continue to make in me.

I am worthy and I am abundantly guided in life and love.

The rest is coming but I am truly grateful for what I am already  receiving.

Your Challenge:

Choose a challenging situation and look for the gifts:

Ask yourself:

What is this teaching me? What other good things are happening right now? How could this be a blessing in disguise? What are the gifts of this situation?


I am learning tenacity and strength. This is helping me get clear on what I want. I’m grateful for the time we had together.

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