Dreams to Achieve By.......(5 days of experimenting the implementation of a productivity guide )

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

The caption that caught my attention and echoed the whisper of my next steps in personal development..

As I continue to explore my present journey I realized the opportunity I have to do a complete life overhaul. I think for the most part I have more to celebrate than to change. However among the many things I have to celebrate, I can think of a few things that I can afford to adjust or maybe work on.

Early August 2019-

Of the first would be the routine changes to my sleep and actual productivity. Suddenly I have a whole lot of time at my disposal, and just a few specific goals I have set for myself. Enter the quote above. In the hours I have spent scrolling through face-book I came across this quote. I of course clicked the link and found a link for a website www.cassandrarosa.com. Cassandra is a transformation coach who is working to help others to define their dreams and and achieve their goals with simple tools and action steps.

I watched a live that she was doing where she was speaking of prioritizing goals and figuring out the best way to individualize each task. I listened long enough to see some potential for her approach to work. I quickly clicked the link for her free productivity guide. I went on to join her face-book group. I followed her through the summer months via her group and made some notes.

I had my intentions, but I also had been leading such a chaotically structured life.The idea of following a program seemed impractical. I did make some changes, like I got up before 8 am on most days. That used to be my bedtime. I got into the habit of running or walking a few miles/ days a week.I took on new challenges and started the journey of pursuing my Life Insurance agents license.I had fully immersed myself in a coaching journey that entailed reconnecting with my feminine energy.his itself had become like a full time job. It was a much needed healing/personal development component that was building the foundation in my life that I had long since been missing.

All of these things were falling into place and I think it was preparing me for an acceleration of a sort.I know that I have so many more things to do. Now that my sleep routine has become a little more normalized and I have gotten into a flow with my new relationship and settled into the place I now call home I feel as though this is just another reason to utilize the tools that are at my disposal. Though I was unsure and even a little bit beyond overwhelmed with this period of transition I was also for the first time in along time certain of how genuinely happy I am. The pieces of life and love are flowing together in front of me and around me like an inviting fountain of opportunity and I am so ready to dive in!


October 19,2019

Fast forward to today.I have since begun writing this blog and begun interviewing people. One of them being a Transformation call with Cassandra. I will be writing more about her personal story in the near future. What I am going to be writing about now is my experience utilizing her productivity guide over the next five days. I am going to set a few specific goals and use her guide as blue print to help jump start that acceleration I was speaking of.

I am creating a specific page just to document this particular journey , and I am inviting you my readers to be my accountability partners. I will include the guide and link to Cassandras website as well as my daily progress. I invite you share what works and what doesn't. I will journal my way through each step and share the results at the end of each day as I experience them.


Click the link below to download your free copy on the link below...


Self Care Goals/needs set for the week

It is day one and I am off to a strong start..

All ready for Monday..

Tuesday and day two ...

Wednesday I will be by to check in and be witnessed with an update/post for how this process feels.

Send Accountability List to my accountability partner (that is you)

Mid-Week Check in with my accountability partner.

Week Review with my accountability partner.

Thursday Is gonna be a great day!!

I anticipate adding more to Friday but I do not want to overwhelm my self with unrealistic expectations.

I took the time to find pretty stationary to write out my dreams to achieve by on, and have followed the recommendations Cassandra Rosa includes in her guide. There is a prefab list in the guide that really helped me to see how to format my own pages.I can see that writing out my goals by hand really gave me time to reflect on each goal and my intentions behind it. I feel like I needed that reflection to help me build motivation for the coming week.The overall process so far has been inspiring and has only taken the same amount of time it would usually take for me to say I mean to do something and then procrastinate on it. I much prefer the experience of investing my time by realizing my goals, and creating the road map that will help me to get there!!

Things for you to do! Oh yes I made you a list too! Click the links throughout the page and join me .Let's have the most productive week ever! (https://cassandrarosa.com/productivity-guide/) (www.cassandrarosa.com). Be sure to check in with Cassandra if you have any questions or you want to learn more about how to further transform your life ! Let her know you heard about her here at www.joaniesvoice.co

As you can see it is going to be an extremely productive week and this girl is going to need all the grit shes got to follow through with each task. Today I got started by following through with hand writing this list as it guarantees a +42% increase in my overall success rate. That is the science of it anyways..Now on to life's most practical application,Sleep! Good night and stay tuned to see how this particular experiment unfolds.


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