Austin Henry's Big Goal Focused Lifestyle

Who is Austin Henry?

In my recent examination of the world I have become acquainted with Austin via his motivational videos on Facebook. His personality,as well as his message is captivating. Words that came to mind the first few times I had the pleasure of observing both message and presence of Austin Henry were "Inspired", "Honest", "Real","Driven".

   I heard him mention in one particular video where he was on the sight of a recent flip That when we want something we need to work for it , followed by his signature catch phrase of "Big Goal Focused Life Style".(To be a living embodiment of this Big Goal Focused Lifestyle)
    These words intrigued me. I wanted to learn more about Austin. I continued to follow his presence on social media and to watch his videos. Often times he was on site during contruction of an investment property , or in the gym. I noticed he was always filming progress in a time when most of us had found ourselves stuck or standing still. This peaked my curiousity.
   Attached below is one of Austin's videos from the beginning of his real estate journey. As you take a few minutes to watch this video you will get a taste of who he is and exactly what his goals are both personally and professionally. 
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So in the spirit of modern communication I sent him a message and discussed the possibility of an interview, as well as writing about him here to share with you my dear readers. This content is a collaborative result of our conversations.

We arranged a meeting and I was pleasantly surprised to meet a person who both measured up to to the message that he was promoting. More so I was further inspired by the intensity of his passion and drive. Beyond that I was impressed with the reality of his story. It wasn't just him though but the presence of the people around him in that meeting that caught my attention. The dynamic of both friendship and family as well as the loyalty from his team is incredible.

I am excited to say that this is not just another from rags to riches tale . In reality this is the story of a man whose greatness is constantly being realized and reinvented every single day. His focus is not on his struggle but on the reward of persisting through said struggle. I chose to write this because in a world where most of us are just figuring out our goals and purposes Austin is constantly investing in himself just as much as he does his professional investments.

I was curious to learn both what his Why and method for achieving such a life style were and so I have begun to do just that. I am confident in saying that I have met someone who I will continue to both know and understand. He is a multi dimensional individual and a thinker. I also see that he is someone who is in a constant state of evolution and am excited to continue to see who he grows up to be. In the meantime let me share what I have learned so far about Austin Henry.

The Facts

Austin Henry 24yr old born in New York city , raised in Louisville Kentucky has spent time growing up in between other places . Beyond that his impressive resume includes experience as Investor,Builder, Motivator, Leader,Facebook Influencer as well Father amongst many of his other attributes.

He is a father of two and has an incredible co-parenting relationship with the mother of his son. He puts alot of emphasis on being present as a parent for his children. He mentions he is not just building wealth but building a legacy for his children. For him building that legacy is a huge motivating factor on a daily basis.

As an 18 year old Austin was working between a gas station and a street hustler. He thought he would make it big as a drug dealer. He was determined at that point to be the best at whatever he did. Having come from lesser means he knew he wanted level up and live a better quaility of life. It wouldn't be until he met his mentor that he would begin to shift his mindset to focus on these accomplishments in a very different way.

An associate he had met through social circles was an embodiement of what he wanted to be. Austin learned from watching this associate how to hustle and make money. He also learned the consequences of living the hustle. Specifically he mentions seeing this associate wanting to buy brand new corvette zo6. He had the means and money to buy this car with cash but he lacked the freedom to buy it. Austin saw this strings attached lifestyle and knew that this wasn't it.

Another Mentor from the other side of the tracks

This mentor made a legal living through a generational business. He would become the example that Austin would follow as he began to switch life styles. This Mentor led by example and influence of hard work and honest thinking. This would be Austins example of how it would become possible to level up legally.He had never taught me about money. He taught me about responsibility, habbits , and mentality. This mentor impressed upon me the importance of personal development.

My mentor gave me the first book that would illuminate the path that I would follow with resistence.

"Seven Habbits of Highly Effective People". A Self help book written by Stephen Covey. Austins mentor would have him read it in sections and then sit to discuss those sections. His mentor offered him bread crumbs to build off of.His mentor told him that his entire life was an excuse and a lie . This was a huge slap in the face as well as a ginormous wakeup call. Austin gives an incredulous amount of credit to his mentor for giving him that direction.

Something I observerved as I was interviewing Austin was his ability to be so self aware and his willingness to take accountability as well as actions that would begin to open the doors to next chapter of his life. This being a prime example of the importance of listening to the advice of a great mentor. Austin mentions that at times he was not always prepared to accept the depth of his mentors honesty.

He would go on to attend a retreat called the ManKind project.This is a personal development organization that offers life-changing experiential training and support groups for all kinds of men. Austin being amongst the youngest of these men to attend this particular retreat witnessed and participated in group excercises that were designed to help men through the process of growth and change their lives for the better.

Austin maintained that he felt he had very little in common with this group simply because he was younger and had his whole life in front of him. The issue of his lack of trust in those around him was something that came as an opportunity for him to both expand and work through. He was blindfolded and given a partner to lead him through an obstacle course that would end with climbing a ladder and a free fall into the arms of these men and now his brothers through experience. This moment showed Austin the importance of opening himself and helped him to let go of his gutter ass mentality. He would find a transformation from chaos to complete peace.He would learn a side of himself that he didnt know existed before. He recognizes this was the trip that would become the foundation for his future.

Austin would go on to take a job at Ford . This was something Austin had dreamed about after a seven month wait. He would stop smoking weed and was ready to have a good job. This is also the place where Austin spent three years of this career attending the equivalent of the college of self education and evolution. During his shifts he said he went to class. His text books would consist of Audio books and podcosts centered around real estate, invesment and buisness. This would also be the place where Austin would meet first his investor. This would be in the sum of $15,000.00. This would be the initial investment for the property shown below.

Along the way...

As Austin explained the reality of investing and trial by fire moments he explained to me that he had come by many lessons the hard way. I have witnessed in his videos the account of taking responsibility for both the good accomplishments as well as the epic fails. Making a mistake on a job site is not only costly but its also detrimental. He has developed the ability to correct his mistakes as well as accepted his losses as lesson. The biggest lessons are learned in the hard moments. Austin learns fundamentals from the failure or big mistakes. With greater resources its easier to recover from the mistake but when leveraging less to make more "in the moment where your back is to the wall the impact is felt signicantly greater. Financial freedom and financial success are worth it to persist through those hard lessons.

Current Projects and properties on the market.

This is just one of two properties that Austin has on the market .

1314 Hoertz Ave,Louisville Ky 40217

TYPE Single Family PRICE $ 245,000


  • Price$ 245,000

  • Bedrooms2

  • Full Bathrooms2

  • Half Bathrooms1

  • Sqr Footage1409

  • Lot Size3,485 SqFt

LISTING PROVIDED COURTESY OF: Exp Realty Llc PROPERTY DESCRIPTION Schnitzelburg, what do we know about it? It is one of the HOTTEST areas in town! This completely renovated camelback is move in ready. Check out the BEAUTIFUL granite countertops that sit atop pristine cabinetry. NEW APPLIANCES remain including a refrigerator, range, and dishwasher. TILE finishes in all 3 of the bathrooms! The master bedroom is spacious with a LARGE walk in closet! Gather around the spacious kitchen island for brunch, or grill out on the deck! Don't feel like cooking? That's fine, you are situated near great food! Don't wait, schedule your showing today!

What Austin says about acquiring this property and the project from its beginning.

Between the $1500.00 from Austins first investor and the money that Austin earned from his day job at ford and the investment from Kenny a life long friend and business partner they started working to rebuild this property as a full rehab project back in November of 2018.

As shown in the photos above and featured on the website through Austins Realtor this project now stands proudly on the market and ready to be your new home.

Final statement -

"Goal Focused lifestyle isnt just a thing. It is a real way of living, Life happens for us and not to us. GFL and Goal focused lifestyle came about as a result of the way that I was living.

When my business partner Kenny asked me what we were going to name our business I didnt even think .



I told Kenny that our business was the achievment and result of the Big Goal Focused Lifestyle we are Living."

- -Austin Henry

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