At the table with Joanie...

Friends of mine,

Good morning to you ! I am thinking of you all and sending you the warmest wishes as I sit here and enjoy my morning coffee. I am wondering where we go from here with this blog? Do you want me to keep just writing as it comes to me or are there specific topics you would rather be reading? What is it that I want to offer you ? What is the purpose I wish for this blog to serve overall?

Morning thoughts and daily coffee with Joanie..

As I pause for a sip of my now room temperature coffee, I am realizing that I am writing this for myself almost as much as I am doing it for you. I will ask for you to weigh in as a matter of being a good hostess. I think of this blog-space as my home and you the reader as my esteemed guests. I couldn't invite you in and ignore you. Neither could I change my life just to invite you in. I'm just not that person. I want for us to have the best time when we gather here.

As I am writing this I am realizing my intentions for this blog and for this day. I am writing each piece as an echo of my voice,hence the name of this page It is my intention to instigate the conversations that encourage us to feel and think about things from an open and beautiful perspective. I want to warm the world up with a positive honest glow.

The seasons are changing ,the temperatures outside are dropping . It is my intention to host you here in an environment that is warm and comfortable for all of you as both my readers and friends. There is a seat for you here at this table. Come inside, warm yourself . Be at home with me here. On that note I'll go put a fresh pot of coffee on. With that, be on the lookout for freshly brewed content coming soon.


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