All things beautiful..Inviting in and celebrating the ritual of beauty ..

I mentioned that creating beauty in my world is important. For me this is really about creating spaces that highlight the many beautiful things in our world. . Seeing it, acknowledging it, and honoring beauty is something I choose not to exclude from my home. It is a standard for which I am determined to maintain.

I remember reading somewhere "We are the company we keep just as much as the spaces we prepare to live in."-unknown source) I took this to mean that inviting what I feel and see as beauty into my home was the same as returning beauty to the world around me.

This is something that can be done by arranging a bunch of flowers in a special vase, or with the light of candles. I enjoy displaying my special coffee cups on a simple but beautiful rack. I choose to add in elements using other materials and textures. Things like warm light or soft table cloths or little pops of color are very useful in doing this.

I also like to consider how the space I am creating in feels. Does it feel inviting? Is it comfortable? Is it clean and warm? Honestly it probably wouldn't matter how full the table is with flowers if the floor is filthy or if the air smells of garbage. If the space is cluttered or full of things that are meant to go in the waste bin outside the candle light will only temporarily distract from the obvious.

In the pictures below you can see the simple arranging of flowers in a large glass , and in the next picture you see where I've placed the white tray underneath to add contrast. Adding in the candles sets a romantic glow and the table cloth is yet another element that softens the look.

Candles are an essential for me. When I travel I usually pack 2 or three. I included pictures below where my travel candles were put to good use. A late night bath at the hotel and then breakfast of bread and nectarines by candle light during a labor day weekend camping trip to the mountains. Could the ambiance be the same without the use of flowers and candles ? Of course , but for me its just as much about the ritual of celebrating beauty as it is about staging the scene.

Embracing the practice of these rituals reminds me to pause and celebrate all of the beautiful things life has to offer. I think that even back when I had very little I still took the time to gather daisies from the roadside to arrange in a small milk glass. It is the simple small touches that invite beauty into the humblest of spaces.

As I am writing this I pause for a moment of reflection. I am wondering if you are doing similar things in your own space? Do you have a way of creating beauty or of honoring it that is significant to you? I invite you to that join me in sharing either here in the comments as well as in the blog forum.

Whether its the picture of your kids playing in the back yard , or the way you set the table for dinner , or maybe its that sweet touch of elegance your sitting room or those sexy new sheets you've selected to adorn your sanctuary of sleep. Or perhaps you'd like to share a few words as to what it is that beauty means to you. Do you value it? Do you celebrate it? Having you share your ideas and thoughts as a contribution here would be such meaningful way to indulge in honoring the ritual of all that is beautiful right here.


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