A Week of Gratitude ...Let's start by celebrating what will happen as though it already has!

Week of Gratitude Day #1

This for me is the#one way I use to achieve any goal! Are you curious as to how I do it?

For me this means it's time..

Celebrating what will happen as though it already has! It is day one of a week of Gratitude , and I am already feeling the energy of gratitude , love ,and joy.

I call it "Celebrating ahead of time".

It is time to celebrate!

I set the goal of selling a certain amount ....

I finally sold $10,000 dollars in ALP ! it feels amazing ! I am so grateful for the journey that has lead me to this successful career. I have connected with the universe and I continue to celebrate.

I set the goal of writing this blog...I celebrate this creation

It is time to celebrate all of the hard work I have put in to creating this beautiful blog . Its time to celebrate all of you beautiful friends who read this blog and who continue to find inspiration here.

I celebrate that you all share what you see here and that it leaves a warmth in your heart every time you read it.

I set the goal to be of a constant positive energy.

I am positive and I am full of joyous vibrations. I celebrate that I am this way.

I invite you to join me starting today for the next five days ...

Each day I will share what I am grateful for and present you with the challenges . I invite you to write about your experiences in the forum section or even to leave it in the comments below.

Your Challenge:

Choose one thing you want to create in the future. Go to the place of it already being created. Celebrate as if it’s already happened.


OMG!!!!  I am so grateful for this beautiful home. Did you hear?  I just made my first million dollars. I am so thankful. I am SO proud of myself. I just wrote my first book. I have SO much energy. Thank you for a healthy body. I am grateful that I get to kiss his face every day.

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