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Spring has sprung here at JoaniesVoice! 
After the long winter there is so much to share! Put the coffee on and pull up a chair!

December to March

    December brought the promise of new found love and joy inspite of life's uncertainty's.


   January brought snow and laughter sprinkled in with new ventures.


  February brought new family and fond memories to made with old new friends.

   With March came the rains and the the earth has begun to turn green again. Birds are singing and the sun begins to smile as the earth warms up.

   With all the old and all that has gotten old We here at Joaniesvoice have continued to thrive and we hope the same is true for you too!


Taylor You Are A Beautiful Soul!!!

My not be afraid to share your story. Do not be afraid of what they will say. This is not about a pity party, it's about awareness. I promise you someone, somewhere feels the same way as you do. I will tell you how I feel with depression, anxiety and my insecurities. Some days I feel like I will never be good enough, pretty enough, strong enough Some days I want a deep connection with someone Some days I don't trust anyone Some days I struggle to socialize due t

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Let me speak on it!

The season of fall is once again upon us ! In our ever changing world we are facing so many challenges but beyond that we are offered so much opportunity. I am excited to share the stories and reality of life as it is unfolding all around us!


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