Breaking The Silence ..

It's no secret that it has a bit silent here at Joaniesvoice. It as per usual continues to be an interesting life as we have moved into 2022 !

    December brought the promise of new found love and joy inspite of life's uncertainty's.

   This year that took on a whole new meaning as I saw so much change and growth all around ! Also came the Chicken Pox ..Yeah 38 yrs old and I was being diagnosed just a few days before Christmas. We still managed to make the best of another quarantine.


   January brought snow and laughter sprinkled in with new ventures.

   Managing a growing HomeCare Franchise has been an adventure . Hiring and coordinating and calling, the truest test of patience.

   I feel as though I've been caught up in a sea of constant motion. I am loving every moment of life in a between the hours of work and sleep just a little bit more these day's.


  February brought new family and fond memories yet to be made with old new and new friends. I am taking a moment to catch my breath. Continue reading to see what Summer turned into as the seasons have changed .

   With all the old and all that has gotten old We here at Joaniesvoice have continued to thrive and we hope the same is true for you too!

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The season of fall is once again upon us ! In our ever changing world we are facing so many challenges but beyond that we are offered so much opportunity. I am excited to share the stories and reality of life as it is unfolding all around us!


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