Revising the list and adjusting the plan

 Hi friends and readers! I am dropping by to do a quick check-in. Am I having my most productive week ever? Have I been able to stick to each daily plan ? What about those self-care needs? 

    At first I was crushing it! I completed all of my Sunday goals early and was so ready for Monday!

    Monday began with waking up late, and feeling pretty lousy. I was sure my period  was due to start any minute and it did. My mood was a direct reflection of this experience. The littlest things upset me and my reaction to life was a real road block. My husband person picked up on my negative energy and received it as a slight. We talked it out and it ended as quickly as it started but I felt deflated. I didn't know how to recover from that. I took it out on the stove and the bathtub instead of doing the laundry or other things on my list.

   I started with a low grade fever and head ache around noon.My motivation continued to dissipate . I am not making excuses but neither was I making progress. I took some Tylenol,  went on to get laundry finished and take care of a few choice tasks.The night finished with dinner out and and a long phone call.

     Tuesday was a lot more productive, as I am a person who copes with feeling ill by staying busy. I combined what I didn't finish on Monday with Tuesdays list and got busy.

      By 2:00 pm I had almost accomplished all of my goals and was ready for a much needed rest. I studied for a little while and readjusted my list for Wednesday. Off to take a nap and convalesce while listening to life insurance study videos on You-Tube.

 It is Wednesday and I am up slaying my goals. Writing this today is an adjustment from Monday and Tuesdays missed activities. 

  My observation thus far is that setting specific goals daily has helped keep me moving regardless of how I am feeling. Having you as my accountability partner has given me reason to stick with this process and leaves me excited to show you what else I am going to accomplish.

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