Image by Tanya Patrikeyeva

All things beautiful


    In a world where we are constantly on  the go I find myself needing to create and hold space for beauty in my life.

   While beauty might be considered subjective, I think it is imperative. It has lent itself to allowing an outlet for my creative flow.

   Its also been said that observing and enjoying beauty is not only good for the mind ,but good for physical health.

    For me some flowers or a candle or a soft colored table cloth can help to set the tone or mood for a moment. I take time to pay attention to the moon,to the sky,the color of the earth as the seasons change.

     I draw inspiration from the space around me. This leaves an open feeling that helps to put me at at ease. Its a lot of what has inspired the details you see in this blog.

    Are you taking some time, leaving some space for beauty in your life? Does beauty have the same meaning for you? I invite you to join me on the forum page and share your your answers there. -Joanie